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Master Health Check Up

The Health check up includes ,Complete physical examination including; quantitative blood check, urine test, cholesterol, stool test, blood tests for diabetes, thyroid diseases, chest x-rays, Total Abdomen and Pelvic Ultrasound Scan

Women Health Check Up

The health checkup includes Blood pressure screening, Cholesterol check, Pap smears, pelvic exams, Mammograms, breast exams, Bone density screen, Blood glucose tests and Body mass index are the most important test to be taken for Woman

Heart Check Up

This health checkup includes Blood Pressure, Urine Routine, Fasting Blood Sugar, X-RAY Chest, ECG, Blood tests for Lipids to check healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels which will decrease your risk of a heart attack or stroke,The package may include ECHO and TMT as well based on the vendor

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