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Doctor is available for home visit from 8am to 8pm. General physician is a Doctor who can treat basic illness and refer to specialist doctor if Required.

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A trained and qualified Nurse for home visit for 12 hours or 24 hours shift as needed. The trained Nurse can give medication do the wound dressing change food or wind pipe as required.The Nurse is to be used when the patient has serious illness with wounds or with living with medical equipment support.

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Nurse Attender Care Giver

A trained and qualified Caregiver or attender for home visit for 12 hours or 24 hours shift as needed. The trained Caregiver can ensure medications are taken on time diapers are cleaned and patient is taken for a walk or basic exercise is done.

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A trained physio for home visit is available on hourly basis. The physio home services can be used when the person is not able to travel or move around. Physio can help in giving regular exercise to relieve pain or use External machines to stimulate the required muscles in the body.

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Home Sample Collection

A home sample collection is done to collect samples from person at home and given to the lab for further investigations. The samples that are taken from home are blood stool urine etc. The reports of the sample taken are available based on the test requirement it can take 8 to 24 hours or even more depending on the test.

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Eye Check up

Serve the People Who are Not Getting Time to Test Their Eyes Either Due to Lack of Time or With any Other Reason. The Majority of These People are Working in Iither IT Companies or Old People At Homes

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Dental Check up

Not Available

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