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Ayurvedic medicine is a system of healing that originated in ancient India. In Sanskrit, ayur means life or living, and veda means knowledge, so Ayurveda has been defined as the "knowledge of living" or the "science of longevity." Ayurvedic medicine utilizes diet, detoxification and purification techniques, herbal and mineral remedies, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and massage therapy as holistic healing methods. Ayurvedic medicine is widely practiced in modern India and has been steadily gaining followers in the West.

Himalaya Septilin

Supports healthy body mechanism, Boosts immunity, Helps you overcome indigestion problems, Helps in curing urinary tract infection

Amway Nutrilite Garlic

Beneficial for cardiovascular health, Improves the circulation of blood, Contains peppermint to minimise the garlic odour

HealthViva Pure Herbs Liv Care

HealthViva Liv Care, a clinically researched herbal formulation supports liver health, Blend of herbs help detoxify liver, Helps maintain and protect liver health

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